Outstanding new Editorial with Nitin.


We proudly present the new editorial shoot with Nitin. We love it so much and its so edgy and full of stories. Congratulation for the concept and styling. For sure the photographer and whole team also did a great job. Congratulation and: Nitin we love you…

The 3rd way of Fashion

In the 18th century the young boys wears only pink garments and the girls in blue clothes. A mens dress was also en vogue. When came the change? Who said that skirts are for females and pants are for males. Why separate from genders – all kind of clothes should be all-genders wear. The third way of fashion means that you does not care about old gender rules. Mix up what you like to wear and feel yourself and be free. We are living in the 21st century. Stand up for another change. Take a look to nature and…

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