Oaks India

Oaks India is the new emerging name in the fashion world. Oaks India offers buying services to a host of multinational clients, mainly retailers and wholesalers. Oaks India is a supply chain management organization that provides truly comprehensive sourcing services for its clients. We believe in providing our clients with unparallel levels of service that not only leaves the customer satisfied but also ensures a long lasting relationship.

We source various products starting fromGarments: (Woven, Knits) and Accessories.

We are also focusing on the Eco-friendly items like garments, accessories and home decor products like tea set, dining set, lampshades, stools and the list is never ending. It is an honest effort to help our already overburden planet. We are revolutionized our day-to-day necessities by introducing a series of products that can replace the non environmental products. Moreover we are helping the poor craftsmen and to revive this old skill with a modern touch.

Oaks India has its offices New Delhi, which encompass entire Indian garment manufacturing areas.

Oaks India has reliable, dedicated and versatile vendor base spread all over India from Delhi, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Bangalore and Tirupur. Each supplier has strong product knowledge and commitment to on-time delivery with acceptable quality.

Our stuff has adequate number of professionally qualified Product Merchandisers, Quality Assuranceand Quality Control Executives. This team is supported by efficient Shipping & Documentation experts and IT systems administrators who are instrumental in effective Supply Chain Management.

Suchi Banerjee Sarkar

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