The ANAAM Mission

Anaam ‘Kora’ Collection from Ankita Sharma on Vimeo.

Anaam is not just a label. It’s a movement of sorts. Anaam is about a space where all definitions collapse and the norms collide with each other. Anaam is beyond gender and its widely accepted roles. Its about challenging the conventional bias in design.

‘Anaam’ is one that breaks away from rigid barriers, prescribed norms, and is in every aspect, a body that has a soul of its own. Anaam specializes to work with concepts and transform them into tactile pieces. Through the design process, it envisions its creations to play the role of healers- providing the wearer with freedom, comfort, and an intangible yet very aware emotional empowerment.

Back to where we started

As the great saint

Param Guru Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj* has quoted:

“Waste nothing has been an important principle of my life. I have always advised men and women, young and old alike to see that they do not waste their time , energy ,food , wealth,clothing , in short anything they possess lest they find themselves in want of them at the time of need. I also consider waste as nothing short of sin.”

*Param Guru Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj is the 6th revered guru of the Radhasoami Faith Dayalbagh in Agra,India.

ANAAM by Sumiran Kabir Sharma

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