ANAAM by Sumiran Kabir Sharma


Stunning all gender fashion label ANAAM proudly presents by IMM – Indian Male Models blog. ANAAM by Sumiran Kabir Sharma is one of the most creative GenNext fashion brands from India.

Check out how the all gender collection fits, if a man is wearing it…



The future of
sustainable fashion

(For us its traveling back to where we started)

As the great saint Param Guru Huzur Mehtaji Maharaj* has quoted:
“Waste nothing has been an important principle of my life. I have always advised men and women , young and old alike to see that they do not waste their time ,energy ,food , wealth,clothing , in short anything they possess lest they find themselves in want of them at the time of need. I also consider waste as nothing short of sin.”

So believing in these lines and practising them “sustainability” is a lifestyle.
Coming from…

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