Type of peace silk manufactured by cocccon – crafts & loom

cocccon - crafts & loom

  1. Mullberry Silk is raised mostly indoor in cottages without using any chemical spray, right up to the point where the cocoons would be stifled, or processed with heat, in order to kill the pupa and keep it from breaking through the cocoon. Peace cocoons are all allowed to hatch and breed, and the silk is processed from the hatched cocoons. In some cases, the cocoons can be pierced or cut open and the pupa tipped out.
  2. Tussar Silk is produced from larvae of several species of silk worms belonging to the moth genus Antheraea, including Antheraeamylitta, Antheraeapernyi, Antheraearoylei and Antheraeayamamai.
    These silkworms live in the wild forest in trees belonging to Asan, Arjun, Jamun, easily  found in Jharkhand, eating off the leaves of the trees they live on. Once caterpillar becomes cocoon, they are collected from trees and…

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