Don’t Overwash!

The last FABTalk by Abury was about washing and caring. Interesting insights from different experts, fashion designers, fabric manufacturer and consumers.

After the event I spoke to Andrea Bury (founder of Abury and host of the FABTalks) and we had the idea to make a test to wash my silk scarf products with the new AEG washing machine with the hand washing program. For sure we will invite some bloggers and share our experience with you.


Let me share the AEG initiative with you.


With The Care Label Project, we’re turning this around. To start, we’re launching a completely new care label – “Don’t Overwash” – alongside an exclusive collection of designer garments with lab-tested care advice and a modern fabric care guide. Join us in changing the future of fashion, one care label at a time.

Link List

• FABTalks
• Abury
• AEG – The care label project

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