Ethical & Sustainable Business Prospective

Today we will introduce Suchi Banerjee Sarkar – the new partner in New Delhi, India. Here we share some aspects about Ethical Fashion from her…

Ethical fashion represents an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacturing of clothing which maximises benefits to people and communities while minimising impact on the environment.

Ethical Fashion describes fashion which is morally right, an approach which strives to take an active role in poverty reduction & sustainable livelihood creation of maximum people specially involved in different spheres of the production process.

Social and Environmental Sustainability

The term sustainable is used throughout both social and environmental issues.

I believe that a business is not sustainable unless its integrated at the core of business practices, from board level to the farming.

The social responsibility is to increase the capacity and well being of the people and communities behind the fashion.

In a broader context, poverty and exploitation of the human workforce behind fashion affects the stability of the industry itself.

So Our motto is to give better and equal life to the community behind the fashion,
minimising the environmental impact of all business operations, throughout the supply chain

A sustainable approach includes quality products or services that meet market needs and demands and are fairly marketed.

The work of the Ethical Fashion Forum with businesses is built on two major pillars, especially Fairtrade Foundations & the Responsible Purchasing Initiative .

In Ethical business it is also important to have transparent communication through out every stage of Fashion.

Article by Suchi Banerjee Sarkar

Suchi Banerjee Sarkar


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