New Production Partners in India

Okay… Honestly it is not really a hot news we will share with you today. Since over one year we are working together with the ABSJ Fashions LLP based in Kolkata, India. My Indian partner Pranav Khanna brings us together with the team from ABSJ for the production of our first Organic Underwear male underwear collection.


Model: Michael for Organic Underwear

Sanidhya and Anuj are managing directors of a production company in Westbengal, India. This year after the successful meeting in Kolkata with the founder of the GAS – Fashion Related Services Net Georg Andreas Suhr we are planing a cooperation to build a bridge between India and Europe, to offer a high quality production services for SMEs from the fashion industry (brands, labels, designers and fashion companies).

Georg Andreas Suhr: “With Sanidhya and Anuj, we found a perfect partner with experience in high quality production in India. After many sourcing trips I am more than happy to have this partner and will thanks for the support.
Unfortunately I do not had only lucky experience with production partners in India in former times. I must say that the business behavior from the ABSJ team is well organized and the communication always works. Sorry guys, I must tell you that you are working like the Germans.” 


In march this year we create a collaboration to share this excellent services with our clients in Europe. Together with Suchi Banerjee Sarkar from New Delhi (Fashion Designer and Production-Coordinator) we have one more strong partner in our network. More about Suchi you can read in this post below…


ABSJ Fashions LLP  – Who we are:
Our firm ABSJ Fashions LLP is based in Kolkata, India. We have been involved in the manufacturing and supply of premium baby doll dresses, bras, panties, men’s briefs, men’s vests & allied over the last 2 years. We are currently exporting our products to Germany, U.A.E. & Other and are also supplying to many established brands in India.

Manufacturing Capabilities:
We have arrangements in place with a lot of high quality and export certified units across who have the infrastructure and man power to insure timely manufacturing and for the products. These export certified factories follow the highest levels of labor ethics and believe in only producing high quality products. We have our own Quality Checking (QC) Team who travel to these factories at the time of production to supervise the products to ensure the highest quality and stitching for the product. We have a Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) wherein we assure the buyer of the highest quality standards is being maintained in the manufacturing of the product.

Our Specialty: 

1. We are led by two young men, coming from illustrious business backgrounds, and would maintain the highest standards of business ethics. We would also constantly look to innovate and grow along with our prestigious buyers.

2. In a very short span we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the most reliable and trusted suppliers in the industry. We provide high quality stitched and finished products to our reputed customers.

3. We manufacture the designs given by the Buyers,ensuring that all the design rights of the Buyer is always protected.

4. We have the knowledge, infrastructure and a technically skilled team ready, which would enable us to set up our own manufacturing unit whenever required. We also have comprehensive agreements in place with a lot of big manufacturers, so that we can execute all orders, regardless of their size.

5. Our QC Team & QAP Supervisors insure to provide you the with the best quality finished garments. 

6. Skilled labor is easily available here and we can ensure quality products adhering to the timeline schedules.

George Andreas Suhr: “After the trip to Kolkata – The City of Joy, I traveled to New Delhi to meet some clients and friends from the Indian fashion scene. Also I did block printing for the new cocccon silk scarf collection at our block printing unit in New Delhi. With Suchi I had a longtime exchange over the social network channels and in march we met the first time. Suchi is our new partner for garments production in a sustainable way with organic fabrics and in a fair and transparent way.  She is fashion designer and speaks the language of design and has experience in production for women wear fashion labels from Europe.”

Suchi Banerjee Sarkar from New Delhi

Suchi Banerjee Sarkar


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