Review: Global Sustainable Fashion Week

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The Global Sustainable Fashion Week (GSFW) was held in Budapest between 12th and 14th April at the first time as a new unique event combining international conference, workshops, displays, fashion shows in the field of sustainable and ethical fashion, together with an international press conference, an outstanding professional board of organizers, prominent presenters, and special media appearance. It has been declared by one of the most well-known and eminent personalities in ethical and eco-fashion, Sass Brown herself, who is a New York-based writer, researcher, designer and university teacher, and the honorary president of GSFW, as well. The Global Sustainable Fashion Week  is a sign of time, dedication and commitment that several entities have put in to present new perspectives in fashion to the world with a motto: Sustainability is the only alternative of Future.

Thanks a lot for the conclusion from Jenna Leskela (Fashion Blogger and Founder of the Lighthouse Studios New York) about the workshop with Georg Andreas Suhr during the Global Sustainable Fashion Week in Budapest 2016
Here are some additional tips from Sustainability Expert Georg Andreas Suhr:
  • Create a Zero Waste model: use simple patterns in design, partner with others to use the waste, get creative!
  • Innovate: develop/use fabrics that are renewable, recycled, biodegradable, etc. and experiement with the latest technologies.
  • Share: working space, sourcing/share minimums, transportation/containers, shipping, place community orders, etc.
  • Manufacturing: high quality short runs, keep it local, handmade, present transparency to the consumer
  • Handicrafts: keeps people employed and reduces carbon footprint from machines
  • Tailor Made: produce garments on demand/no waste, keep it local

More information and pictures you will find on the LIGHTHORSE blog

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