When you walk the small path and always curious look left and right – the trip will last longer. Sometimes your path hit upon each other and you meet interesting people. I met Asmita long time back in Mumbai during Lakmé Fashion Week and we had a short chat. In April 2016 I met her again in Budapest during the Global Sustainable Fashion Week. A new journey starts for both of us…

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Asmita Marwa > India Beach Fashion Week, Goa 2016

Sustainability is an Ideology by Asmita Marwa

ASMITA MARWA: Sustainability is an ideology, a state of mind and a concept close to my heart as a designer and a creative person. It is the crux and essence of my label and brand. Sustainability is about slow-fashion, time-less fashion, it’s about evolving a concept, re-inventing and re-interpreting it over a few seasons. Sustainable fashion does not believe in churning out collection after collection making the consumers feel that they are outdated because they don’t have the latest pieces. It is about adding separates to continue the evolution of a concept or design language.


We at Asmita Design have always believed in timeless fashion and we keep evolving a concept over a few seasons. We use key elements from all our previous collections in a new way so our consumers never feel that they are out-dated. The ‘Zero Waste’ collection has evolved from our very successful ‘Bindu’ collection, where we have made garments and textures out of all the waste fabrics, we generated out of it. The yarn from the black fringe was used to create texture and evolved into a new fabric. The left over scrap from the sides was used in patch-work to create a new canvas for us to work on. We continue to use the symbol ‘Bindu’ re-inventing and re-interpreting it in different ways. The collage pieces are ‘Art on Fabric’ where we used all the waste and scrap fabric from our various collections. It’s been overlaid and quilted to create patterns and depth. We used them to make jackets because they keep you warm as well as cool.
Our accessories are also made from leftovers which you have probably seen before in our previous collections but they are statement pieces and we wanted to use them again. This is sustainable fashion! Not discarding something that is last season… but giving it a new lease of life this season by re-interpreting it!


Asmita Marwa is a sustainable fashion label creating and manufacturing garments in-house, using ethical norms and practices. We believe in ‘Cradle-to- Cradle’ design or re-generative design which is holistic. We create systems that are not only efficient but also essentially waste free. Recycling, upcycling and sustainable fashion is what we at Asmita Design believe is the future and are extremely honored and humbled to be invited to show our ‘Zero Waste’ collection at the recently concluded Global Sustainable Fashion Week, Budapest, Hungary, and are now invited by India Beach Fashion Week to show the same.


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